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Quality Guarantee
Everybody in our production team has multiple years of experience in web site development as well as business analysis. Also, they all have university degrees with majors in information management or computer science. We can therefore offer an amazing quality at a great price and with fast delivery.
    We are dedicated to providing high quality, fast delivery and great service. We believe our customers and potential customers has the right to choose whatever they wish, and we are sure our services are the most cost effective on the market. We are dedicated to the libertarian ideals, meaning we are always at the mercy of our customers (the market)--and we like it!

To show how much we trust the quality of what we do, we offer an amazing guarantee to all our customers: You do not pay for what you do not approve!
    Our projects are usually paid 50% in advance and 50% upon project completion and approval. The first payment is the project start and is supposed to cover fixed costs such as domain registration fees, hosting plans etc. The second payment is to cover the non-fixed costs of the project and our profit. We leave this second part completely at your mercy. If you do not approve of our service, withhold our profit!
    This is how the guarantee works: Upon project completion you will receieve an approval request from our CEO Murray H Roarke. If the product is not what you expected or is not completely what you wanted, you simply do not give us your approval, meaning you do not pay the remaining 50%. Of course, you will be the sole owner of anything we have produced--we will have no claims to anything we have delivered during the lifetime of the project.