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Payment Options
Payments are usually made twice, half when establishing contract and half upon completion of site (i.e. your approval). Payments are made using E-gold® or PayPal®, and invoice amounts are always expressed in US$.
    If you wish to use other payment options than E-gold® and PayPal® we will be happy to find a solution most convenient to you. However, for accounting and payment control purposes we must insist that you suggest payment preferences upon placing your order. Please make sure your choice of payment option is explicitly written in the contract/agreement when the project starts.

E-gold® is a gold-based payment system based in the United States. All payments are in gold or other precious metals, but can always be expressed in the state currency of your choice. For E-gold® payments, please suggest project name and invoice number on your payment. Payments are made to e-gold account number 1390136 (Aparadigmal Productions). Please visit the E-gold® web site to process your payment.
    PayPal® is the Internet's most used secure credit card payment service. To make payments using PayPal®, please use the form below.

PayPal® payments

Please choose project characteristic for this payment and type amount according to invoice or agreement. Click "Continue" button and follow the instructions.